Make the famous Camino de Santiago

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Do you want to make the Camino de Santiago? In this post we want to introduce you our Partner “Viajes Camino de Santiago“, a company specialized in the Camino de Santiago.

Camino de Santiago

A. History of the Camino de Santiago

“It is the denomination that has a series of routes of Christian pilgrimage of medieval origin that go to the tomb of Santiago the Greater”. – Wikipedia

B. Camino de Santiago – Stages

There are numerous possibilities to make this trip. First of all you have to decide if you want to make the french path, the north one,  or for example from Ponferrada. Discover the diferent options on its website and choose the one you prefer.

C. How to do it?

You can do it alone or in a group, doing it in a group allows you to share the stages and experiences with other people and end very deep friendships. You will share your dinners and nights in the hostels in order to share your best stories, memories and road map.

Instead of walking you could make the camino de Santiago by bike. One option offered by Viajes Camino de Santiago is the Camino de Santiago from León. You can then deviate a little and get to know some very interesting corners or go through longer stages, crossing forests and valleys of great extension.

Now if you ask yourself, can I do the Camino de Santiago with a dog? The answer is yes! Our partner also offers solutions to enjoy the road with your favorite pet.

Find the offers of viajes Camino de Santiago on our website and take advantage of their advice and services on accommodation, transportation, support vehicle, guides, recommendations, transfers, credentials or anything you may need.

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