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Every Lifebox is a lovingly curated collection of healthy snacks, drinks, ingredients and wellness products that takes the health conscious foodie on a journey of discovery; introducing them to the latest products and exciting new brands carefully selected by Lifebox to support their mind and body. Beautifully packaged, the box can be delivered anywhere in the world and is the perfect indulgent treat or unique gift.

The line-up includes 2 monthly changing boxes available by subscription or one-off purchase, and a collection of seasonal boxes including Marie Claire made by Lifebox.

The LifeBox crew and I are obsessive believers in the power and remedial health benefits of good, real, natural, whole food. Fortunately the world that surrounds us is an incredible natural pharmacy and as such we are adamant that the food we take into our bodies should, as much as possible  be cleansing, and protect and renew us.

Food is our most essential ally in the quest for health, happiness, wellness and longevity – after all 70% of our immune system is located in our gut!

healthy snacks, drinks & ingredients Only £32 for over £60 worth of goodness!

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