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We create snacks from whole, plant-based foods. We keep things tasty and we keep things simple which is why our products contain 5 ingredients or less. Our products are: Paleo Certified, Gluten Free, Kosher, Vegan and made in the USA.

From kids to grandparents, millennial moms to athletes and everyone in between, people love our products! Made with real non-GMO fruits + vegetables, That’s It. is a healthy, smart snack every day and for every lifestyle. We use no preservatives, no added sugar, no juices, no purees and no concentrates. Just real fruit + veggies, and 100% delicious.

Need a tasty, convenient on-the-go snack without the hassle of washing, peeling or waste of produce? Our portion-controlled lineup of fruit, zesty, veggie and chocolate treats has you covered for every occasion when hunger strikes. Whether you need a savory burst of flavor with our Zesty fruit bars, a delicious + crunchy serving of real veggies with our new Veggie bars, or just want a healthier, easier way to reward yourself with our Chocolate Bites, we’ve got a taste, texture and flavor for everyone. Best part is we’re always in season!

Get to know us on social media to sneak peek our newest flavors, learn more about nutrition updates, or just to share with us how you + your family enjoy That’s it.

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